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With many years industry knowledge Preptec work together with leading surface
preparation contractors in the UK and worldwide.

Whilst not directly involved in providing a labour and equipment service we are able to consult
with you and our partners to provide a tailor made solution to suit your requirements.


Services available include –


Used Husqvarna PG820 and dust collector

PG820 triple head 3 phase floor grinder
and DC5500 3 phase dust collector.
In good working condition – only 215 hours use.

Price £7450.00 ex VAT


Concrete, resin based and tiled terrazzo is first ground radially to flatten the surface and expose the desired amount of aggregate.
The polishing process requires the use of graded diamond tooling to take the floor surface through to a polished finish.
This process provides an aesthetically pleasing low maintenance floor surface.

Applications include warehouses, shopping centres, airports terminals, factory floors and retail outlets.

polishing1 polishing2 polishing3 polishing4

Captive Dust Free Shotblasting

Steel abrasive is propelled at high velocity onto the surface to be prepared. The surface is profiled and any contamination removed. The abrasive and debris is then separated within the machine, the abrasive is recycled within the machine and the debris removed by a connected dust collector. The process is dust free and environmentally friendly. Applications include –

Concrete Laitance and coating removal, texturing power floated concrete, creating non slip finishes, factory floors, shopping precincts, car parks and bridge decks.
Steel Corrosion, mill scale and coating removal, preparation up to Sa2.5 standard, weld inspection, ships decks, oil storage tanks, bridge decks.
Asphalt Retexturing of road surfaces to improve skid resistance.



The surface is prepared radially by rotating diamond, silicon carbide or tungsten carbide tooling. A vacuum is connected to control the dust generated from the grinding process.

Applications include –
Coating, adhesive and latex removal, re profiling of concrete floors, grinding and finishing of resin based terrazzo, correcting poorly laid floors, rain damaged concrete, retail refurbishments and factory floors.

grinding15-square grinding2 grinding7-squarepic 3

Planning / Scarifying

The surface is prepared by a rotating cutter drum fitted with a variety of TCT and steel cutters configured for the particular project. A vacuum can be connected to control the dust generated from the planing process.

Applications include –
Concrete reduction, planing and grooving. Line marking, membrane and contamination removal. Texturing concrete and asphalt surfaces. Removal of rust and paint from steel decks and bridge decks. New build projects, car parks and road surfaces.

planing1 planing2 planing3

Vertical Shotblasting

vertshotblasting1Steel abrasive is propelled at high velocity on to the surface to be prepared in the same way as the horizontal shot blasting equipment. Different models of equipment are available to work radially around the base of an oil storage tank up to 2 metres or in a vertical plain. The equipment is held to the structure by a high powered magnetic system and suspended by a rigging and winch system from the top of the tank structure.

Applications include –
Steel preparation to Sa2.5 standard on oil storage tanks and ships hulls.


The material is stripped by forcing a sharpened steel blade under the product to be removed as the equipment is driven forwards.

Applications include –
Removal of sheet vinyl, linoleum, cork, bonded carpet, woodblock, ceramic tiles, debonded membranes, failed levelling compounds and the build up of materials such as fibreglass in factory production areas.

striping12-square thumbnail

Cold Planing


Ride on and skidsteer mounted equipment is fitted with a rotating cutter drum with fixed TCT tipped picks.

Applications include –
Concrete, screed and asphalt reduction, removal of waterproof membrane, car park decking, anti skid and line marking materials.